URC TRC-1080 Wand-Style Color Touchscreen Wi-Fi Handheld Remote

URC TRC-1080 Wand-Style Color Touchscreen Wi-Fi Handheld Remote

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URC TRC-1080 Wi-Fi Remote Control
The Total Control systems TRC-1080 dazzles with its vivid two-inch color high-resolution screen, backlit LCD and sleek ergonomic design. Thanks to pick-up sensor technology, this remote automatically wakes up when lifted from its stylish piano black tabletop charging cradle. With just the right number of hard button keys including the four colored buttons, you can enjoy fast access to complete cable interactive services and Blu-ray/DVR functionality. Just one button press gives you immediate access to your A/V equipment and more. 

Key Features
  • Supports both URC & 3rd Party Two-Way Modules for Advanced System Integration.
  • 2-Inch Vivid Color Display
  • Supports 6-Buttons on each Page.
  • Provides URC's “Quick Connect Wi-Fi” Technology
  • Features a pick-up sensor to bring the unit out of sleep when it is picked up.
  • Can be reprogrammed and updated offsite using Total Control's Offsite Programming Feature.

Recommended WIFI Settings
  • WAPs should be set to static channel 1, 6, or 11. If there are multiple WAP they should be on different channels 1, 6, 11. Unless the WIFI system is managed in that case all WAPs would be on the same channel but it should still be a static channel.
  • The security should be WAP2 not WAP or WAP/WAP2
  • Make sure the encryption is set to AES not TKIP or AES/TKIP

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