URC MX-890 IR/RF Hard Button Color LCD Remote Control

URC MX-890 IR/RF Hard Button Color LCD Remote Control

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 URC MX-890 IR/RF Hard Button Remote Control with Color LCD

Employing the latest in technology and ergonomic design, the MX-890 is equipped to handle virtually any application. Easily control every Audio and Video product you own — lighting, too. One touch puts you in complete command of everything from watching your favorite movie to listening to the radio, regardless of the components. This beauty is strong enough to control the most robust theater room, and versatile enough to allow you to select other rooms in the house. 

Customize to your heart’s content

The MX-890 features a brilliant 2-inch color, high-resolution screen that can be fully personalized to suit the products you wish to control with exciting, custom graphics. Your installer can label every button and configure your system so that a single button press enables you power up the entertainment room, set a lighting level, or any combination of events you can dream up. The MX-890 also includes all of the hard button controls you’re accustomed to for fast access to every function.

Feel free to move about the house

Gone are the days of pointing the remote at the product you wish to turn on or turn up! When used with one of our award winning base stations — such as the MRX-2, MRF-350 or MRF-260 — the MX-890 remote can operate equipment through walls, cabinet doors or from outside. You don’t have to point or be in the same room as the music player or flat screen—you can still control them entirely. And, there’s no need to purchase batteries. The URC MX-890 sits in an attractive tabletop charging cradle, and is always ready for action the moment you pick it up. 

Key Features
  • Hard buttons that support virtually every function (power, numeric keys, channel up and down, navigation buttons and more)
  • Fast, one-way control for a multitude of A/V components
  • Easy setup and installation — uses URC CCP software (no new program for the installer to learn)
  • LCD screen area supports up to 6 buttons per screen, multiple graphical themes and custom graphics (up to 200 devices may be supported)
  • Ability to adjust brightness and conserve energy

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