URC MRX-8 Network Controller

URC MRX-8 Network Controller

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URC MRX-8 Network Controller

This powerful processor provides automation of a wide array of electronic systems such as audio, video, lighting, HVAC, security, and more. Choose music and movies from various sources, turn lights on and off, change temperature, control shades and door locks, and more

Important Note: This product does not include the URC-ACC-RS232F or URC-ACC-RS232M cables.

IP-Based Automation and Flexibility 
As an IP network-based processor, this piece can sit in any room in the house or a central equipment rack and provide ultra-fast control and response time with 100% accuracy. Because it lives on the home network, wiring, adding components and servicing are easier than ever and automation possibilities are virtually limitless 

Easy Expansion 
The URC MRX-8 offers the finest in expansion. It can handle one room to many, and expand to the outdoors and off-premises. Using Total Control remotes or an app, control is simple and every family member gets what they want with one press on a remote, smartphone or tablet. Plus, this processor sets the stage for the future. Additional third-party subsystems can be added with ease. Being IP-based, it can handle most any technology or product that comes down the pike. With the MRX-8 you can offer every client affordable, two-way home automation with the URC renowned experience. 

Key Features

  • Stores and issues commands and macros via IR, IP, RS-232, and Relays
  • Provides two-way communication with ccGEN2 remotes, apps and keypads
  • Routes commands to auxiliary pieces (URC-CCP-MRX2 Auxiliary Controller and URC-TC-MRX4IR Wireless Controller)
  • Provides automation via user scheduled events or by sensors connected to onboard sensor ports
  • Off-site programming capable when system is registered

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