URC MRX-10 Advanced Network Controller

URC MRX-10 Advanced Network Controller

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URC MRX-10 Advanced Network Controller
Every Total Control installation begins with an MRX-10, the brains of the system. The MRX-10 stores and issues one-touch automation commands for all components throughout the house over the home network. It provides lightning-fast response time with 100% accuracy and no outside interruptions. When operated by a Total Control remote control, keypad or touchscreen, the MRX-10 provides powerful two-way system status feedback to allow control of components in any room, with any remote, from anywhere on the network.
The MRX-10 enhances the control experience by enabling your clients to control virtually any type of component over the network, even if it’s not equipped with network technology. Additionally, the MRX-10 can route automation commands to multiple MRX units on the network enabling control in any additional zone at any time.

Important Note: Please note that Rack Mounting kits are NOT included with URC products. If you wish to rack mount items such as the MRX-20, MRX-10, SNP-1, SNP-2, DMS-100 and DMS-1200 you must purchase a Rack mounting kit from URC. There are rack mounting kits for 1U (RMK-1), 2U (RMK-2) and 3U (RMK-3) case sizes.

Key Features
  • Stores and issues commands and macros via IR, IP, RS-232, Relays and Triggers
  • Provides two-way communication with all Total Control remotes, touchscreens and keypads
  • Routes commands to any MRX unit on the network
  • Provides automation via user-scheduled events or on-board sensors
  • Off-site programming capable when system is registered
  • Compatible with URC lighting utilizing the optional RFTX-1 RF transmitter
  • Easy rack mounting (requires RMK-1)

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