URC MRF-350 RF to IR Base Station

URC MRF-350 RF to IR Base Station

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So that you can enjoy your home control system to the fullest, your installer will recommend the RF Base Station that best suits your needs, and program it to be operated transparently by the remote control of your choice. Base Stations are small boxes (about the size of a paperback book) that sit out-of-sight and receive the radio frequency (RF) commands from the remote. They then translate these signals into commands that your various components can understand. The benefit to you: no more pointing, because RF passes harmlessly through walls, doors and floors. That means that you can store all of your equipment behind closed doors in cabinet furniture. You gain many other versatile features, including the ability to turn off all of the TVs in the house with a single button press, for example, or adjust music volume while out on the patio.

The MRF-350 can control up to six individual components and features a separate, detached antenna. The benefit of the detached antenna is that your installer can position it precisely so that you achieve maximum operating range and minimal (or no) interference.

Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with MRF-350 operating your equipment. With the MRF-350 and a compatible remote you can now have complete control over any component anywhere in the house.

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