Tributaries UHD PRO HDMI High Speed 18Gbps

Tributaries UHD PRO HDMI High Speed 18Gbps

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The Tributaries UHDP PROFESSIONAL HDMI is the cable of choice for long distances. This cable has the most headroom of all Tributaries cables built with large gauge wires positioned where they are most needed. Jacket is UL CL2/FT4 rated for in-wall use. Guarentees 4K/60 UHD HDMI signal transmission. Elegant black and blue woven jacket ½ meter – 3 meter.


· Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando, FL USA

· HDMI Certified High Speed to support 4K/60, Deep Color, Ethernet, Extended Audio Channels, CEC and ARC

· DPL Labs® 4K Certified 4K / Earned Seal of Approval

· Go! Active Technology™ is employed on longer lengths to ensure signal integrity

· Passive cables available in ½ meter – 4 meter and guarenteed 4K/60 data rates of 18Gbps

· Active Cables available 5 meter – 15 meter and guarenteed 4K/60 data rates of 11.1Gbps

· Power Grip™ connector is tight fitting without the death-grip hazzard of locking connectors

· Small size connector (25mm) about the size of a Quarter

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