Tributaries UHD-HDMI High Speed 10.2GB

Tributaries UHD-HDMI High Speed 10.2GB

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The Tributaries UHD HDMI is the Go-To cable for short runs of HDMI. The UHD HDMI Cable is certified High Speed up to 10.2Gbos. The connector is low profile 20mm length; almost the size of a nickel. Guarantees 4K/60 UHD HDMI signal transmission


Tributaries UHD is terminated with HDMI type A connectors. Small 20mm size connector about the size of a nickel with boss elements for a secure connection.

  • Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Supports UHD HDMI 4K/60 signals
  • High Speed HDMI with Ethernet ½ meter to 4 meter
  • All lengths are guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps
  • Small 20mm size connector head - about the size of a nickel
  • Boss Elements on connector for a secure fit
  • Flexible UL CL2/FT4 rated jacket appropriate for in-wall use

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