From Lanny Smith - February 2018

I recently realized my lifelong dream of owning an all McIntosh audio system and mucho thanks to Indiana and Ros at Crowne Audio for assisting me in making that become a reality!  I visited both of their stores in Winter Park and Lake Mary where I was able to experience a "hands on" demonstration of all the McIntosh audio gear that I was interested in.  Ros possesses the knowledge and experience that comes with being in the high end audio business for many years and Indiana was also knowledgeable and was in charge of getting all the gear together, which was no small feat given the logistics of locating one of the pieces that was in short supply.  

I would highly recommend Crowne Audio for all your home theater needs.

Lanny Smith

From Gene and Tony McIlvaine - January 2018

Ros, those 803 D3’s are awesome!  I am hearing things in my old music I never heard before and hearing things again with clarity I thought was lost to me forever because of my age.  Amazing!

I am also enjoying the B&W's even more because of the addition of my new NAD M50.2 digital music player.  I now subscribe to Tidal, which provides MQA codec high definition music as well as excellent CD quality music from almost every artist or genre.  It also stores my entire CD collection on 2TB RAID hard drives and has three USB inputs for external drives with no computer needed in my music room.

Unfortunately, I was forced to replace my very good Emotiva analog-only preamp because it lacked a DAC for processing the signal from the M50.2.  I wanted a DAC capable of fully converting MQA, so I chose the NAD M12.  More than I planned to spend, but the new B&W’s were calling for it.  And, while I am trying not to think about it, it is even possible that the McIntosh you used for the demo had a slight edge on my Emotiva amp.  But I am good for now.

Overall, it was the speakers that inspired the other changes.  They just opened up the music more than I ever expected and filled a weak link in my system.  It is hard to realize I used to think those Bose 901’s were really good speakers.

Everyone at Crowne Audio has been a joy to deal with.  You especially, but it was a real pleasure meeting Nael, who did a superlative job of delivering and setting up the speakers.  And we have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Baklava and olive oil from Crown Treats, what a thoughtful touch!  Tony, who just loves Baklava, said it is the best she has ever had.

Happy New Year to you and everyone at Crowne Audio.

From Lew Olsen - August, 2017

Crowne Audio, 

I want to thank you for an exceptional experience with the recent purchase of my McIntosh MX122.

Started out as a bit of a roller coaster ride as my new MX had some issues.  Ros Bonar worked with me and McIntosh to quickly solve the issue.  McIntosh gave Ros an RMA  for my initial unit which was returned.  A new unit was quickly shipped to Ros at Crowne Audio.  The new MX122 is now configured and running fine.  Fantastic unit continuing to exceed my expectations!

Ros Bonar, a name to remember if you are in the market for awesome audio equipment.


Lew Olsen

From Xavier - August, 2017

This is what I have been looking for. A local professional audio store that is helpful, can answer any questions, are willing to work with you on pricing and selection no matter what your budget is. It has been a great experience dealing with first, with the son of the owner at the Orlando area store ( what a great young man) and further with Ros "the audio guru" at the Lake Mary location. Ros was so knowledgeable and a great listener. He took the time to find out my every need and gave several options without the pressures of a car salesman. He was there to help and direct me on the path of what he understood was the best at a cost efficient price to meet my need. Even when I mentioned brands of components that the store did not carry he knew about them based on his years of experience and vast knowledge. Ros is truly a well read individual and a great asset to the store. Thank you both for a great experience.

From Dr. Dreyfus Silva Fabrini, M.D. - August, 2017

Crown Audio is a one of a kind store in the heart of Florida, with top quality brands for AV and home automation and a jaw-dropping showroom. The staff is very nice and ready to help you with everything you need. All of my questions were answered promptly. Ros (the man in charge!) is extremely professional and honest, and delivered my orders swiftly, on time. If you're looking for high end equipment with no hassle what so ever, Crown Audio is the way to go!

Dr. Dreyfus Silva Fabrini, M.D.

From M. Adams - August, 2017

I wanted to upgrade my Home Theater System by adding a power amp on a budget.

After much research I decided on an Emotiva XPA5 because it matched both my power needs and my budget.

I wanted to make my purchase from a brick and mortar store rather than off the internet.

I contacted Emotiva directly and they recommended I contact Crowne Audio in Lake Mary.

I spoke to Ros at Crowne and he agreed to match the internet price I had found.

A few days later my amp arrived and I went and picked it up.

I took it home and wired everything up myself and WOW!


Thanks Ros at Crowne Audio! and thanks Emotiva!

5 stars!


From Greg - August, 2017

B&W Centre S2.  Having already owned the B&W Centre 2 S2 I wanted a similar center speaker that would fit in a smaller space.  Centre S2 was perfect and while not quite as powerful or full as the 2 S2 it delivers similar clean crisp center B&W sound.  Ros and Crowne Audio were professional, reasonably priced, and offered quick delivery.  Definitely buy from them again with confidence.  Thanks.  Greg.

From Roy W. Smith Jr., President/CEO - March, 2016

Ross that subwoofer (JL Audio Fathom 110V2) ROCKS man! Love it. Listened to classic rock for hours last night. It's all about the BASS!!!!

From Bill Mayoral - January 15, 2016

Good Morning Sir!

Nael Amigo

Salam waelekkum!!

Went last night to the house.

Everything is coming along and slowly "we are getting there"

Spent a few minutes again with Marc and Johnny. 

I have to tell you that these guys are the "real deal". 

Not only they know what they are doing, but they are super nice, pleasant, affable, helpful, courteous, and polite. 

Anyone can provide service. But very very few people, can provide "above standard service". 

That is what you and your company do. 

You guys "get it".

You guys deliver above the Normal, and promised. 

I can't tel you how happy and proud I'm for you, your family and your company!!!

Thanks for all your service, help and friendship amigo.

May God continue to bless you and your family at home and work, with joy, health, lots of work and many many good things and blessings !!

Your friend always 

Bill and family!

From Mike Borino - January 2, 2016

Five Stars - After many frustrating visits to audio stores in north east Florida, I decided to expand my search.  I was lucky to find a link to Crowne Audio and gave them a call.  Isaias answered the phone and patiently answered all my questions.  His knowledge and enthusiasm convinced me to take the two hour drive to the Winter Park showroom.  I am so glad I did. 

Not only did he answer my questions, he had questions of his own.  He wanted to be sure the system I wanted to purchase was the right fit for my room and my tastes. My wife, who I dragged along also enjoyed the experience.  I highly recommend Crowne Audio for all of your stereo and home theater needs.

From Hugh McMillan - December 23, 2015

Good Morning!

They are beautiful in every way!

My initial impression still holds that these 802s don't sound like anything, i.e. they are transparent and disappear. The soundstage is so strong and centered that we never look to the speaker as a source but stare at the (missing) center where the precise clean audio dances.

We have not altered anything since you were here and Scot is enjoying manually programming the Harmony which has no listing for the MX160.

You forgot the spade connectors and I forgot to get a HDMI cable for Scot's missing PS4. I thought I had left a PSx power cable for Johnny to "manage" but I found it in the other room. No problem for us to play with zip ties and prep for the PS4 return. Save me an HDMI cable, please, and I will pick it up Thursday.

I must say this has been absolutely the most enjoyable process from start to finish. You, and Crowne Audio as a whole, are the equal of the state-of-the-art products that you represent. There might be better pieces from McIntosh or B+W but in our opinion there is absolutely no better dealer for them than Crowne Audio. Your knowledge, experience and absolute devotion to the ultimate in customer service is second to none. Indeed, I would suggest these qualities are almost absent in the retail experience to be found in the big box world we live in. Thank you for you and your brother's total investment in your passion which is Crowne Audio. 

Have a great weekend!


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From Ken Drake - 2015

"Thank you very much for helping me pursue my life-long dream of creating an audiophile grade sound system for my home. Your recommendations were excellent and I’m very pleased with the speakers, pre-amp and power amplifier! Your installation technicians were very friendly and you and your team responded rapidly to a bass driver defect. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Crowne Audio to anyone looking to create a spectacular audio listening experience! Nael and his team are a pleasure to do business with."

From Michael Murray - 2015

"Nael Yacoub and Wael Yacoub at Crowne Audio helped me put together an amazing sound system. He understood what I wanted and helped me chose the right components. In what could be a very intimidating process, he made me feel comfortable and took the time to address all of my concerns without pressure… and that was all before the purchase! Two years later, I have continued to upgrade and tweak my system – and every time I had a question or had an issue – Nael was there immediately with exceptional customer service. Thank you!"

From Greg Foley - 2015

“I can say I have known Nael the longest of any of his current clients, because I had the first media room he ever built. His dedication, integrity, and determination enabled him to successfully handle all the obstacles my house entailed. Upon building my second home, Nael was the first person I contacted and the builder had to work around his specifications. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and always makes time for his clients. My wife and I highly recommend Nael Yacoub and Wael Yacoub at Crowne Audio in Lake Mary.”

From Mark - 2015

"I discovered Crowne Audio many years ago when I wanted to add a simple built in audio system to my den. Even though it was a small budget Nael took the time to walk me through all the particulars. We ended up doing something more elaborate than I had planned with custom built in shelving, upgraded components and a 60” flat screen. The price and service was top shelf and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Today I have a complete McIntosh Home Theater with a 90” screen, which Nael helped me build piece by piece. It took a few years but the result gives our family great pleasure every day. For quality products, super service and personal attention the crew at Crowne Audio will not be beat. Their showroom is definitely worth a visit … just plan and staying a few hours there is much to experience."

From John Euliano - 2014

"I had the pleasure of working with Nael Yacoub on all of our A/V needs in our new house. I can recommend him and his company highly and without reservation.
.. At the beginning of our project, I had an idea of what I wanted, but I had no idea how to get there. Nael walked us through everything step by step. Throughout the course of the project, Nael and Crowne Audio were a joy to work with. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. His company was on time and accurate in all of their installations. They didn’t blink an eye when faced with changes in the scope of the work. Our job was done with care and precision. Even now, well after the completion of the project, Crowne Audio is still helping me fine-tune the systems in my house.
.. We would use Crowne Audio again and highly recommend them to anybody in need of a home theater experience that is second to none."