Sony's new flagship Z9D 4K HDR strikingly elegant from any angle!

Posted by Crowne Audio on 8/17/2016 to News
Sony's new flagship Z9D 4K HDR strikingly elegant from any angle!

Soon to be released. Sony's new flagship Z9D 4K HDR premium LED TV with proprietary Backlight Master Drive for stellar black levels as well as class leading brightness. Much  higher brightness than any current flat panel technology.  From the front, the design exudes sophistication in the form of a simple black slate, letting viewers immerse themselves in the stunning power of 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range). The design features premium gold finish, and keeps all of your cables completely concealed, ensuring that the TV strikes an elegant look from any angle. The Z9D comes in a 65”, 75” or 100” Class to fit even the grandest room.

Backlight Master Drive

The Backlight Master Drive™ can display an unprecedented dynamic range with incredibly deep black and dazzling lights, powered by the 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme. This backlight system has an ultra-dense LED structure, a unique local dimming algorithm and optical design.

The 2 enhancements over a conventional full-array local dimming backlight system are:

  • Discrete LED control 
  • Calibrated beam LED design


Calibrated beam LED design

The Backlight Master Drive™ uses a unique patented design which gathers and focus each LED light in an exact spot.  This reduces light diffusion and the flare effect that can be seen on other full-array local dimming LED TVs. It ensures that each LED emits a straight beam for a crisp, clear picture with unmatched brightness and incredibly deep blacks.


The Z9D Series is clean from front to back. It incorporates cable management and back covers to hide cables from view.