Project RM 10.1 turntable in Dark Grey Piano Lacquer Plinth

Project RM 10.1 turntable in Dark Grey Piano Lacquer Plinth

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Furthering the design principles of the RM-9.2, the RM-10.1 complements the company's analog offerings by being its first true reference-quality turntable. A platter with double the mass of the RM-9.2's ensures accurate speed control with deep and extended bass response. This mammoth dual-layer acrylic platter is mated to a plinth made from ultra-dense MDF filled with metal dust and sealed. 

This additional weight focuses the combined mass of the platter and plinth for superior vibration rejection and extraordinary mechanical stability. 

The platter itself is suspended above the plinth by an ingenious magnetic repulsion system using a pair of opposing magnets to "lift" the platter, reducing bearing friction and mechanical noise to a near zero level. The 10" 10cc EVO carbon fiber weave tonearm with integrated headshell provides an incredible rigidity-to-weight ratio. Swiss-built bearings and tempered steel gimbals can extract the most from any high-performance phono cartridge. Precision adjustment of tonearm height, azimuth and anti-skating is easily accomplished by the user. 

A damped tonearm lift provides accurate cueing and chassis mount RCA connectors facilitate easy interconnect upgrade. A brass record clamp and Ground It Deluxe 3 is included. 18.9"w x 8.3"h x 13"d turntable, 19.7"w x 3.2"h x 15.8"d Ground It Deluxe 3, 20.7"w x 11.4"h x 16.7"h overall with Cover It dustcover (optional*). 36.4 lbs. turntable and motor, 25.6 lbs., Ground It Deluxe 3.

A specific dust cover is not available for RM-10.1 (Use Cover It 1)

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