McIntosh MC75/C22 Classic Vacuum Tube Preamplifier and Amplifier - for in-store purchase only.

McIntosh MC75/C22 Classic Vacuum Tube Preamplifier and Amplifier - for in-store purchase only.

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Featuring a cool, 1960s retro design, the C22 has been updated to modern standards to deliver a performance on par with any other McIntosh preamp​. Electromagnetic input switching provides reliable, noiseless and distortion free operation. Low distortion levels of all types are less than 0.08%, allowing music to be presented with total transparency and accuracy.

"A beautiful 'you are there' quality to the music" - Enjoy The Music

A total of 10 inputs include 2 balanced and 6 unbalanced along with Moving Coil and Moving Magnet phono input sections with selectable resistance and capacitive loading so every phono cartridge and turntable​ can be perfectly matched to produce the best sound. Outputs are comprised of 1 set of balanced and 3 sets of unbalanced connections. Bass and Treble tone controls with bypass feature allow you to listen to your favorite songs at your preferred tonal balance. Power control outputs will turn a complete McIntosh system on or off using the front panel or remote control.

While featuring a retro look, timeless McIntosh design cues such as a partial black glass front panel, knobs and brushed aluminum end caps allows the C22 to seamlessly blend in with other McIntosh components to create one cohesive system.

MC452-life.jpgThe MC75 mono vacuum tube power amplifier and C22vacuum tube preamplifier deliver modern performance standards in classic designs. Anthony Nicosia wanted to know if they had enough of what it takes to join the elite group of select McIntosh products that audio lovers have treasured for so many decades. After spending some time with them, he believes the answer is "a resounding YES!"

While enjoying Tracy Chapman's Our Bright Future, there was "a beautiful 'you are there' quality to the music" that caused the album to seemingly end shortly after it started. "High quality tube gear has a way of making time pass rather quickly as one gets lost within the music's spell." Stating that piano can sometimes be difficult for a home audio system to accurately reproduce, he remarked that Philip Glass's Solo Piano was "no challenge at all from the very first to the final note." When switching to vinyl albums, "saying the soundstage was wide, soundscape depth was deep and tonal quality excellent just does not do the experience justice." At one point, he was looking for his ticket stub as he thought he had been magically transported to a live performance in a local club.

(By Anthony Nicosia / / November 2015)

Also: McIntosh MC75 receives Enjoy The Music's 20/20 Award.

The MC75 mono vacuum tube power amplifier delivers modern performance standards in a classic design. It has all the features to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiast. As with all McIntosh mono amplifiers, the MC75 will provide ultimate stereo separation with each channel utilizing a separate amplifier. 75 Watts of power is output into a 2, 4 or 8 Ohm speaker with less than 0.5% distortion.

"A beautiful 'you are there' quality to the music" - Enjoy The Music

McIntosh’s patented Unity Coupled Circuit design provides low distortion, extended frequency response and long tube life. The MC75’s large, oversize power transformer provides unusually high power and dynamic response from a single pair of KT88 output tubes, once again setting the performance benchmark for tube amplification.

Balanced and unbalanced inputs combined with power control allow matching with all contemporary McIntosh preamps and processors. Sentry Monitor tube protection circuit will ensure the MC75 will have a long and trouble free operating life.

Please note: The MC75 is a single channel amplifier (mono)

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