Emotiva XPA-DR1 Differential Reference Monoblock Power Amplifier

Emotiva XPA-DR1 Differential Reference Monoblock Power Amplifier

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The XPA-DR1 is a true monoblock power amplifier, and features a single high-powered fully-differential amplifier channel, powered by a massively powerful 3 kW switch-mode power supply. The XPA-DR1 provides superb dynamics, incredible resolution, and absolute control. If you’re looking for the very best sound quality with virtually endless reserves of power against a jet black noise floor, this amplifier is for you. The XPA-DR1 delivers 650 watts RMS into 8 Ohms, and 1000 watts RMS (that’s 1 kW) into 4 Ohms, with less than 0.1% THD.

A new approach to amplifier design.

When we set out to design our ground-breaking new X-Series amplifier line, we analyzed everything in every amplifier we’ve ever made; from front to back; inside and out. In doing so, we discovered several areas where our years of experience, and recent advances in technology, enabled us to make significant improvements on our previous amplifier designs. After carefully weighing all the pros and cons, we kept the best features of our original designs, added a new set of features, technologies, and improvements. The result became the foundation of our new line of audiophile amplifiers; the modular X Series Amplifiers.

Our XPA-DR amplifiers are all built on the same chassis, and features a special version of our massively over designed, heavy duty, fully regulated, switch mode power supply (SMPS). It has been optimized to supply power to our new high-powered fully-differential amplifier modules. The chassis can be populated with a single channel to create a true monoblock, with two channels – to power a superb stereo system or the front main speakers of a surround sound system, or with three channels – to power the front three channels of a no-holds-barred surround sound system. (The system is fully modular, so you can add high-powered fully-differential channels as you need them – up to a total of three.)

More power, Scotty!

With audio amplifiers, everything starts and ends with power. Of course, the sound quality is critical, and that’s where really well designed amplifier circuitry comes in. However, if your power supply isn’t up to the task, even the best amplifier circuitry in the world won’t live up to its full potential.

All of our XPA-DR amplifiers utilize a massive regulated switch mode power supply. This sophisticated and intelligent monster, a special version of the power supply used in our XPA Gen3 amps, is capable of delivering over 3 kW (that’s 3 kilowatts) of clean audiophile grade power with extremely high efficiency and absolute reliability.

Our advanced power supply design combines the dynamic capabilities of classic transformer-based designs with the efficiency and careful regulation of modern switch mode designs. Big heavy transformers and giant filter capacitors are rendered obsolete; they just can’t compete. It’s the power supply of the future – perfected, and it’s here today.

Let’s talk amplifiers

Our XPA-DR amplifier modules amplifiers use the same basic circuit topology as our legendary XPR series amplifiers. A unique differential input stage, with a cross-linked current source, drives a balanced voltage amplification stage, and this advanced input circuitry delivers an incredibly accurate and pure audio signal to the complementary, fully discrete output stage. A pair of these modules work together in perfect synergy to power a single channel of one of our new fully balanced, fully differential, XPA-DR amplifiers. Together they deliver a holistic, natural, and powerful listening experience. Low-level musical details and dialogue emerge from a deep black background; musical crescendos are delivered with both stunning impact and precision. The wide bandwidth, low distortion performance of the XPA-DR reveals every nuance of your high- resolution sources, and it has plenty of power to drive even difficult loudspeakers with absolute authority and control.

The bottom line is that our new XPA-DR amplifiers will deliver the full power and majesty of today’s high definition movie and music sources, with perfect control, and without a hint of strain, or the tiniest loss of detail. We’re talking about real-world power and fidelity that you can immediately hear and appreciate. No excuses, no compromises, and no double-talk.

The Heart of Your System

Here at Emotiva, we believe that your power amplifier is the heart of your audio or home theater system. Our new XPA-DR amplifiers aren’t just about power and impact. Behind the massive power supplies and big heat sinks are audiophile-grade amplifier modules, built using premium components, the finest materials, and the latest manufacturing technologies – all combined to bring you truly world-class products. All of the components in our XPA-DR amplifiers are carefully engineered and designed to work together as a stunningly capable, reliable, refined, and flexible system. We’ve listened to both our customers and our gear – and we like what we hear.

And, as with all of our XPA series amplifiers, they’re Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the U.S.A.

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