Clarus Aqua Speaker Cables (Full-Range) - Pair

Clarus Aqua Speaker Cables (Full-Range) - Pair

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If you're a true audiophile who treasures the finest in audio entertainment - someone who wants to be closer to the original event than ever before possible - the Clarus Collection of audiophile-quality cables from Clarus Sound promises to immerse you in the ultimate listening experience.

Engineered by celebrated cable designer Jay Victor, each of our high-end cables incorporates a host of patented and patent-pending technologies and is constructed of the finest metallurgy and materials - CNC-machined gold-plated connectors, individually insulated interconnect and speaker cable strands, new multi-gauge innovations and precision impedances - complemented by painstakingly meticulous hand craftsmanship.

The world's purest copper

Clarus Cables are made from oxygen-free Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting (PCOCC) - the world's purest copper. PCOCC's low electrical resistance and single-crystal, impurity-free construction makes it the ideal material for producing our superior-quality audio-interconnect cables.

Distinctly different conductor types

Our patented cable design incorporates three distinctly different conductor types - each individually insulated; solid heavy-gauge conductors, flat conductors and spiral-ribbon conductors (with a non-conductive core). Clarus Cables dramatically improve clarity, and the resulting sound is more open and transparent. The key to the outstanding performance of Clarus Cables is the size of each conductor and its physical relationship to the other conductors.

Unmatched performance

The Clarus Audiophile Collection is truly in a class by itself. No other high-end audio cables on the market can match its revolutionary design and superior audiophile-quality sound reproduction.

So if you're a true audiophile who demands nothing less than the ultimate listening experience, we invite you to learn more about the Clarus Collection. Your appreciation of fine entertainment will never be the same.


  • Conductor: 12 AWG PCOCC; Directional
  • Geometry: Multiple windings, gauges and shapes for proper tonal balance
  • Dielectric: Polyethylene
  • Jacket: UL® CL2 PVC jacket with black & crimson woven over-jacket
  • Terminations: Specify Spade Lugs or BFAs (banana plug) or a combination

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